Youth Voice in Parliament Week

18 - 22 October, 2021

The thing is, we don’t think there are enough youth voices represented in Parliament. It doesn’t help that a lot of the time, we leave school with absolutely no idea how the whole system works (so how would we know how to effectively use our voice anyway?!).

We decided to ask every single Federal Politician in Australia if they would consider listening to young people from their electorate in the week of October 18. Over 40 came back with an enthusiastic ‘yes!’, and then some Senators jumped in too.

Local Federal member for Dunkley, Peta Murphy MP was one of those who said 'yes!', and wants to know what you have to say, so get writing!

So, what do you want Australia to look like in 20 years?

We’ve asked politicians to read 90-second speeches written by anyone under 21 who lives in their electorate, or their state. Successful applicants will not only have their speech delivered in Parliament House (and therefore written into the Hansard record forever!), but will be invited to participate in a workshop on the Australian political system, run by Raise Our Voice Australia.

90 seconds is approximately 200 words, so you don’t have much to work with!

Head to this link and click the submit button when you’ve drafted your statement and are ready to copy and paste.

Once your speech has been submitted, the Raise Our Voice Australia team will submit a shortlist to the MP or Senator’s office. The MP or Senator’s office will then decide which speeches will be read, with the speeches to take place in the week of 18 October 2021.

Submissions close 21 September, so get cracking, there's not much time!