Year 7 Poetry

Ode to the Outdoors

I see leaves of such colours
not a single one the same,
as a warm flame flickered lightly
getting wood became the aim.

The cold morning air weaving through my fingertips,
the glittering morning dew drips between leaves and the sticks.

The sunny lemons are plump and bright and yellow,
the smell of bitter lemon zest hit me like an arrow,
the delicate chirp of a bird, a fleeting glimpse of a  sparrow. 

Lola D

Ode to the Outdoors

As I totter among the flowers and the leaves...
I hear the wind rustling the dead leaves around me.
I see the beautiful winter sky, as blue as can be.
I taste the sweet pollen drifting through the air.
I smell the delicious scent of pine needles wafting towards me.
I feel the cold grass, squishy underfoot as continue my walk.
As I finally lie down amongst the flowers, I feel like I am on my own personal cloud, staring up into the heavens as the busy world goes by.
As I slowly drift to sleep,
I feel complete.

Harry H

Ode to the Outdoors

I see the sun shine on dewy grass,
and birds in the tall leafless trees.
I hear the birds chirping in the soft wind,
and the faint sound of waves down by the beach.
I taste the fresh cold air on my tongue,
and the icy cloud-white breath in front of me.
I feel the numbing ground under my feet,
and a nice chilly breeze brush through my hair.

Mabel S

A Sensory Ode to the Outdoors

As I sit around the blazing fire, I think  
As I watch the tree bark that was once a home, I blink
As I smell the air full of thick, black smoke, I exhale
As I taste the warm, woody air, I believe I have failed
As I listen to the fire slowly crackle like coco pops, I remember
As I close my eyes, I can sense the warm air creeping closer, nature cannot surrender
As I reflect on what we have done to the environment, I sadden
We cannot leave the environment abandoned. 

Maya W

'At The End Of The Garden'

I travel sorrowfully down a runway of green
I see purple and white caterpillar petals stretching,
to worship the titan of the suns arrival  
tall trees like a castle embodying the essence, night empress
they cast a screen of protection over the roots
a sea of cocoa-coloured dirt ancient and bare laying under the castle of mighty trees
I set out knowing where I wanted to go
leaving graced by the gardens touch  

Cordelia B

The Wrath of a Storm

The haunting pillows arrived rapidly
Like a raging river leaving nothing behind
Bolts of light rained down from the heavens above
Making its forthcoming presence known
Filling the sky with a vicious darkness
Which lurked waiting to strike at anytime
Destroying everything and anything with its finesse
Engulfing, destroying, annihilating with its crime

Leif M


Lying down in a grassy field
Far away from reality
A different face, different skills
And a different personality
I could be loving vampires
Or winning the games
Choosing a faction
Or escaping the maze
Whoever I am
Wherever I may be
Reading has always captured me

Anika G