Year 1 Update

What an unusual, unique, and challenging term we have had so far. At the end of Term 1, we had no idea what laid ahead of us. What has occurred over the last nine weeks has been truly incredible. We have learned to communicate remotely and continued to learn. I have relied on you as parents to make this work, and I cannot thank you enough for your support, persistence, and patience. We all learned new technology together and made online communication our new normal. For everything you have done, I say thank -you!

I am enormously proud of the children. It has been fantastic watching them interact with their friends and me online. Their efforts in completing set tasks have been incredible. I have truly enjoyed getting to know the children through a different approach.

Once we are back at school we will be working on the following;

Unit of Inquiry

We will start to explore our new unit of inquiry linked to the transdisciplinary theme: How the World Works. Our central idea will be, 'Earth's natural cycles influence the actions of living things.' We will inquire - 

What natural cycles are
  • How we can observe and record Earth's natural cycles
  • The impact of natural cycles on living things
How living things create and design in response to natural cycles.


For the next few weeks, we will revise all of the number concepts taught so far this term. We will play lots of games to help reinforce number sense, counting, and our ability to record our mathematical thinking. We will continue with addition and subtraction strategies. We will also explore collecting, interpreting, and displaying data.


Once we are back at school, we will continue with our MiniLit, Read Write Inc, and Spelling for Life programs to help develop our skills and understandings. While reading, we will focus on listening and responding to shared texts and developing personal reading skills. We will look at the structure and features of non-fiction texts as we complete some research related to our inquiry unit. The children will explore the features, structure, and purpose of informative texts. We will be encouraging lots of writing in class, including recount, narrative and educational pieces.

Once again, my sincere thanks for making learning and connection possible during these challenging times. I hope that as a family, you have created some special memories and enjoyed a little glimpse into your child's life as a learner. I cannot wait to see the children again on May 26.

Feeling grateful,

Year 1 Classroom Teacher