Y5 Update

It has been wonderful to return! It is tremendous to be back at MInimbah Campus. The children in Year 5 have been so impressive adjusting to returning to school. There was certainly lots of excitement and understandably some nervousness in the air upon return; however, there was also a fantastic sense of calm in the classroom, which was terrific. Students have been respectful, aware and kind to each other. It is a privilege to be here and work with them within the 5/6 Homestead. They are a remarkable crew, and we are proud of every Year 5 student as we commend them for their behaviour, flexibility and resilience.


Upon our return to school, we have commenced our new nit of Inquiry focusing on the following central idea:

The Arts can be used in different ways to express ideas and evoke a response.

The Lines of Inquiry that have begun and will continue to explore and investigate over the coming weeks are:

  • How the Arts can be used to express ideas
  • How the Arts can be used to evoke a response
  • Using our creativity to express ideas and produce a response

We have enjoyed exploring the various ways we express ourselves and the deep and often philosophical nature of expression and creativity. We look forward to exploring how to use different mediums to express our ideas, feelings and emotions, how artists use other techniques and mediums to express themselves and how different artworks can be interpreted.

Here are some student reflections on what we have explored so far.

"We usually express ourselves with language, but you can also express yourself with body language and facial expression. There are more creative ways to express yourself with artwork, music and poetry. Your emotions are a way you can express yourself with face, movement sound and what you wear."Claudia

"Express yourself mean’s how you dress. I express myself through clothes, singing, dancing and emotions. I do that because I am me, and that’s how I show myself. Some people express themselves by wearing plain clothes, which is ok. No one should judge others or themselves."Ashanah

"Expressing yourself means when you are not the same as everyone else, and you are different in a good way. You can express yourself by how you wear your clothes and what you say, how you look like and don’t care what people think of you."Maddie

"Being active in a way helps me express my feelings because it takes my mind off things and erases every bad thing in my mind, and it makes me feel so alive. Welding helps me express my feelings as I can craft anything in the whole world, and I can design anything."Charlie V


We have made wellbeing a total area of focus as students return to school and refamiliarise themselves with our face-to-face routine. This has been an excellent way to reconnect them and help build connections and assist the students in managing change and their own emotions.

We have spent time engaging in mindfulness practices, particularly in the afternoons, when students often feel tired from a full day of learning. It has been an excellent time to connect and regroup and re-energise.

We have also been engaging in the Resilience Project, where our focus has been emotional literacy and gratitude. We have found that focusing on the positives and the various things we are all grateful for helps us shift our mindset. It has been wonderful to see students practising this regularly and often independently.


Last Thursday, on the 11th day of the 11th month, Yr 5 had an assembly on Remembrance Day. Remembrance Day is about remembering and recognising the soldiers that fought in a war. Our assembly began with a grand procession with Patrick on the drums. We were nervous and apprehensive yet confident it would go well. While Patrick played the drums, students carried the precious artefacts with immense care and respect.

In the Yr 5 assembly, our loved cleaner and friend, Pam, kindly brought in some artifacts from when her Uncle Josey went to war, and she spoke to us. She told us extraordinary and heartfelt stories of her family that the Yr 5 class will never forget. During the assembly, Yr 5 handed out Memory Jars to each class from Foundation to Yr six. A Memory Jar intends to place your most important and special memory’s inside so that they live and last forever. Everyone in the Yr 5 class put all their effort into a Remembrance Day assembly that we will never forget. It was emotional and moving for all.

An extraordinary moment in the assembly was when Luca read the Ode of Remembrance.

"We must remember the soldiers who died in the war and remember happy moments that aren’t necessarily a long time ago. It was beautiful to have our school community back together again. This assembly moved so many people and brought our school back together." Poppy W., Joseph, Lachlan.


Students had blown us away with their creativity when they began writing their second book, following our reading of The Last Bear in Book Club.

The creative ideas flowed, and it was amazing to see students work collaboratively on this unique project. They used their knowledge of comprehension of the book, researching geographical locations and using their prediction skills and imaginative texts to create their plotline and book sleeve for The Last Bear 2. They then presented these to the class. We are so impressed with the writing skills and the incredible ideas that students generated and shared. What a fantastic group of budding authors we have!


We are so looking forward to the coming last weeks of the year with this wonderful group of students. With lots of exciting learning experiences in-store, as well as a bounty of special events planned, we are looking forward to some exceptional weeks ahead.

Year 5 Homestead Teachers