Public Speaking and Voice Lessons 2021

Woodleigh is again offering voice lessons for students who wish to develop their public speaking skills or extend their performance skills in voice, e.g., working to prepare Drama audition material for entrance to tertiary institutions NIDA, VCA, or WAAPA.

The lessons are offered as part of the Senior Campus private instrumental music program, allowing students to attend a 30 or 40 minute lesson once a week. Enrolment forms can be found on SEQTA or by visiting the music office – see Jo Corbel (

Each lesson's content and structure are specifically designed to support each student's needs and interests. Still, fundamental areas such as presence, muscularity, resonance, breath, and engagement are covered throughout the year. Each voice programme is tailored to support the learning style and interests of each student. Some students choose to work on speeches they have written or are writing. Some prefer to focus on interrogating texts and preparing monologues or poetry for performance. Others have wanted to explore a specific accent or dialect for fun.

Techniques to address issues associated with performance anxiety are also at the core of this work, supporting all students, regardless of age or experience, to feel more confident presenting to a class or larger audience.

For more information, email Lucy Wharington -