Homestead Swimming Carnival

We have already had our first Homestead Sports Carnival for 2021, with the Homestead Swimming Carnival taking place on Tuesday 2 February at Pines Aquatic Centre. The weather ended up better than forecast, and with periods of sunshine, it made for the right conditions. The day began with our Year 7's heading down to the pool about 45 minutes before the Year 8-10 students. It allowed them to get into the water and complete their first events, which they did in great numbers, with over 70 students racing in the 50m freestyle events. 

Our novelty events were a great success and allowed many students to get involved and represent their Homestead. The Boogie Board and Flipper relay, Underwater relay, and the Search and Retrieve relay were hugely popular with the students.

The showcase races of the day were the 50m Invitational Freestyle races. To qualify, the fastest two students, both male, and female were invited to compete in this race to determine our fastest swimmers on the day from each year level. Congratulations to all students who earnt selected in these races. Amelia B (Year 8) was impressive in the girls' race as she narrowly defeated Holly McC(Year 9). Chloe Fell (Year 10) swam an excellent race finishing in 3rd place. The boys' race was won by Jed S (Year 10), Tahran H (Year 9) finished second, and Luke R (Year 10) rounded out the top three. 

The overall results were hotly contested and came down to the very last race of the day. Congratulations to Homestead 6, who were victorious by just 3 points. 

Year Level Awards

Year Level1st2nd3rd
1062 & 4



Director of Sport