L’épidémie de COVID19 en France (COVID19 pandemic in France)

The Year 10 French class has been studying how COVID-19 is reported in the French media, through analysing a range of French newspaper articles and audio clips.  Students have also analysed the infographs about COVID-19 released by the French government, and discussed its language used that urges its citizens to take precaution.  In undertaking these tasks, students have been learning a range of vocabulary on how one should stay COVID safe.

On Education Perfect, students continued working on this topic, where they were required to create their own ‘message’ in French about how to stay safe (by using a range of reflexive verbs that they had learnt, and also putting into practice the vocabulary on COVID-19 they have also learnt).  

Pia Bruce produced this excellent infograph that clearly explains how one should stay safe, including by coughing into their elbows, washing hands with soap and water, staying home, only leaving the house if you have to (ie. Do the grocery shopping), and not forgetting to do exercises. 

French and Business Management Teacher, Year 12 Senior Homestead Tutor