City Bound Personal Project – Pip Seagren-Hughes


For my personal project I decided to do a piece of art so that I could represent what I saw through my eyes, and what I personally focused on whilst walking around the city. I used water colours so that I could get a slightly abstract and rustic feel to my piece, and working with water colours gave me the ability to use extremely light colours and easily blend colours together.

Whilst walking around the city I mainly focused on the people. I noticed that every individual person was in their own bubble, and no one else could tell their story or what they were thinking. I also noticed how the city is full of buildings and how they almost take over the sky and surroundings.

In my piece I used plain grey, mustard and terracotta for the buildings. I used these because they are quite neutral colours but at the same time they represent different types/designs of buildings, and they give the buildings a difference from one another. I decided to not put windows on any of the buildings so that they seem the same. Whilst in the city I didn't look at the details of every building and therefore I decided not to put in all the details. However, it still portrays the idea that the streets are full of big, tall buildings and they all sort of blend together.

In my piece I wanted to draw the main attention to the people, as that is what I mainly focused on in the city. I wanted the people to be visible in my piece but I also wanted them to seem slightly washed out. I used white paper and black marker so that the people stand out. I decided to give the people 'scribbles' instead of heads, which shows how everyone is in their own world and no one quite knows what's happening in someone else's mind. Every person is drawn slightly differently but similar to others. During my whole piece I tried to show how people seem the same but everyone is slightly different no matter how much we try to conform to society. I like the idea of people being and walking together yet still in a total world of their own, and in their own space. Whilst in the city I noticed that people seemed almost emotionless, or were hiding their emotions. This is another reason why every person in my piece has no expression or shown emotions. I decided to make every person in my piece genderless, which adds to the point of how we can't see what people are feeling or thinking. It also adds to the fact that you can't tell what someone is thinking based on their race or gender.

I left my piece quite plain and almost empty because in my experience of the city I didn't particularly focus on the specific details, just what was structurally and obviously there. I also used quite an abstract design in my whole piece so that it was different to everyone else's. Also because every person sees different things in the city, the same way that every person would/will have a different view on my piece. Therefore hopefully my picture will seem different to every person but still convey the same message, about the people in the city and how they act and feel.

Pip Seagren-Hughes
Year 9