Years 3-4 Group News

We are so excited to have all the students back at school! The kids are, too, judging by the many smiles and cheerful chatter taking place in the 3/4 bubble at Penbank! Undoubtedly, parents and carers are also thrilled to have some routine re-established. Although some aspects of the CLP that students miss (unrestricted access to food seems to be unanimously missed!), students overwhelmingly agree that schooling is much better when it occurs at school.

"Coming back to school has been fun, good, and exciting. I love school because I can play outside and see my friends again. We have done Math, English, and more. We have learned about volume and capacity for math, and for English, we have been writing. School has been the best." Zake

"Wow, coming back to school has been amazing. I’ve got to see all my classmates, all the wonderful teachers (which is all of them), and the chickens. Although I love being at home with my family, there’s no better place for school than school.

We’ve got to do many things like play on the playground and see our friends, but one of my favourites is the Math we did today. We are learning about capacity, and today we had to find out the capacity of all different jars and bowls. It is a bit strange because we have to sanitise and can’t do some things like play wind instruments. Even though we can’t do some things, it’s just good to be back." Charlotte

"Coming back to school has been great because I get to see my friends. We have done lots of fun games, and I am looking forward to doing CREATE. Also, I’m looking forward to going into Year 4.

We haven’t been at school for ages. CLP isn’t that fun because we can’t see our friends (only on the screen). If we had a choice to go to school [or be at home], I would definitely stay at school. I have loved seeing my friends again. I hope this term we get to stay at school." Olivia

"When I went back to school, it was weird because I hadn’t seen everybody for a long time. I like being at school better than doing the CLP because with the CLP we had to do Zooms instead of seeing people in real life. And it was hard because our teacher sent stuff on our computer and sometimes I had bad Internet. When I got back to school, I could see the chickens and go on the playground." Meg

"I felt thankful on the first day because I could see all my friends, because it had been a long time. I am really looking forward to CREATE at the drive-in. I can’t believe I am almost in Year 4." Nathan

We understand that students have lost some of their learning stamina and that the school day can be tiring. Students are also learning to work around the needs and want of many others, which can present challenges at times. Therefore, our priorities over the first couple of weeks are setting routines, student well-being, and socialisation. We want students to feel safe and happy after such a long time away from school. 


In Year 3, the students have been learning about liquid measurements and associated concepts of volume and capacity. The hands-on activities with cups, bowls, containers, jars, and other assorted vessels have also allowed students to estimate and sort vessels according to their capacity.

“Capacity is the limit of how much liquid a container can hold.”

Tiger, when asked for his definition of capacity

Our next mathematical focus in Year 3 will be fractions. At home, you could assist by sharing examples of how we use fractions in everyday life. Cooking and baking is another great opportunity to talk about fractions, measurement, volume, and capacity. 


Our main writing focus is creative fictional texts. Students typically love producing imaginative stories and illustrations. The best part is exploring and sharing stories for inspiration. From Year 3, I still remember learning about inertia and static electricity from a series of books based on a character called Einstein Anderson. What stories did you enjoy when you were nine years old? 

We look forward to a busy and productive term. Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.

Y3 & 4 Classroom Teachers