The Arts are an incredibly valuable means of expression and communication. Study of The Arts enables students to learn new ways of exploring, developing, representing and understanding ideas, emotions, values and cultural beliefs. Through experience in the Arts, students are able to take risks, be imaginative, question values, explore alternative solutions, develop and refine skills and techniques and share and express ideas and opinions.

Visual Art

At the Minimbah Campus the Visual Art program seeks to foster in children a love and enjoyment of the arts as a means of self-expression and creativity. Visual Art becomes a medium of self-expression as children work in an environment where they are able to observe sense and fantasise. Students from ECC – Year 6 participate in weekly lessons, where student wonderings are developed and explored through the Visual Arts. These sessions are run in our purpose built, Visual Arts studio and are undertaken by a qualified Visual Arts specialist teacher.


Children in 4 Year Old ECC through to Year 4 participate in a weekly dance program. The emphasis of the program is to encourage creativity through movement and dance. A qualified dance teacher runs the program. Opportunities for performances are also provided in a variety of ways.


Through drama, children learn to express themselves creatively and in different ways. Drama is incorporated in to the children’s classroom program from ECC to Year 4.

In Years 5 and 6, Drama is taught by a specialist teacher. Students are encouraged to audition for, and perform in the annual Minimbah Campus play or musical.


The Music Program offers general music encompassing performing, composing and appreciation. The program is based on the Kodaly's philosophy of developing aural perception and imagination before instruments are introduced.

Singing, recorder and percussion are used before students are introduced to the skills of music literacy. A String Program is part of the core curriculum in Year 2 where students learn either the violin or cello as part of classroom programs.

Students in Year 5 and 6 participate in a general classroom music lesson as well as Music Workshop. The Music Workshop Program allows each student to learn an instrument as part of the core music curriculum. Throughout the program, students gain skills on a particular instrument and learn how to participate in a music ensemble.

Music is taught in our purpose built music complex. All students are able to undertake private instrumental lessons whilst at school. Students have the opportunity to participate in numerous ensembles including Mini Strings, Orchestra, Rock Band, Vocal Group and Choirs.