​ Instrumental Music Tutor (Double Bass/Electric bass)

Woodleigh School is seeking a sessional instrumental double bass/ electric bass tutor to join our Senior Campus (Langwarrin South) and Junior Campus Penbank (Moorooduc).

Position: Sessional Instrumental Music Tutor (double bass/electric bass) Campus: Woodleigh Senior Campus and Penbank Junior Campus Faculty/Department: Music Department, Arts Faculty Reports to: Woodleigh School Director of Music, Penbank Director of Music, Penbank Head of Campus, Director or Music and Arts Learning Area Leader Key Relationships: Music Department, Arts Faculty Members, Students, Staff

Position Summary

The role of the appointed Instrumental Music Tutor will be to join a dynamic team-teaching group at our Senior Campus Woodleigh and Junior Campus Penbank. The Instrumental Music Tutor encourages students to develop creatively as cultured citizens of the world. The position is seasonal, commencing February 2021.

Key Responsibilities

Key responsibilities include:

Music Responsibilities:

  • Ensure that the Music classroom environment reflects the essential elements of the MYP curriculum and promotes a safe and engaging place of learning and discovery
  • Support the wider Woodleigh Music Programming, including concerts and performances, productions and assemblies
  • Be an advocate for and promote music and the arts within the wider Woodleigh Community.


  • Employ a range of effective teaching strategies to successfully implement the curriculum
  • Differentiate the curriculum to ensure individual needs of students in classes are met
  • Participate in the development and evaluation of curriculum within the Music Department.
  • Reflect and assess on the effectiveness of teaching

Assessment and Reporting:

  • Monitor each student and provide meaningful feedback
  • Clearly articulate task requirements so each student can participate to the best of their ability
  • Communicate professionally and effectively with colleagues and parents concerning student progress
  • Write academic reports aligned to the Woodleigh Reporting Style Guide
  • Keep accurate records of communications regarding student progress.


  • Demonstrate a continued development of ICT training as required
  • Work within the guidelines of the Woodleigh ICT Policy

Learning Environment

  • Promote an engaging environment of dynamic, inquiry learning
  • Contribute to the maintenance of the Woodleigh Music Department and monitor spaces and equipment
  • Create a positive environment where every student has the opportunity to learn
  • Undertake teaching from F-12
  • Undertake other duties as required and which are relevant to the position, as directed by the Woodleigh School Director of Music, Penbank Director of Music, Woodleigh Arts Learning Area Leader and Penbank Head of Campus

Professional Development

  • Set personal goals and in the area of professional learning and participate in the professional development process used by Woodleigh
  • Maintain relationships with professional colleagues and associations.

Applicants should be able to demonstrate experience or skills in the following areas

  • An understanding of appropriate behaviours when engaging with children
  • Relevant instrumental teaching experience or experience working with children
  • Professional practice that is strongly aligned with the expectations of The Woodleigh Teacher
  • A commitment to the development of high-quality music education experience for all students

Applicants must also demonstrate

  • A commitment to Woodleigh’s Values of Respect for Self, Respect for Others and Respect for the Environment
  • A commitment to the School’s co-curricular, experiential and outdoor education programmes
  • Ability to work effectively within a team
  • The determination to strive for personal best
  • A willingness to innovate and encourage the development of creativity
  • Have a dynamic and approachable manner, with the ability to relate well to students of all ages
  • Demonstrate the ability to work co-operatively as part of a team, with a focus on continuous improvement of our music department and teaching and learning within it.

Education and Qualifications

  • Appropriate tertiary qualification in education is preferred


  • Professional experience in the music industry
  • Be committed to working on continuing to develop skills as a musician and music educator
  • Experience in designing, implementing and assessing effective curriculum
  • A knowledge of and experience with current educational trends in arts education
  • A knowledge of and experience with the application of ICT in education
  • Piano and /or accompaniment skills. 

Conditions of Employment

  • A VIT registration is preferred for this position
  • Qualification and first aid training confirmation is required for this position
  • It is a condition of employment that all staff take responsibility for a safe and healthy work environment and have a commitment to equal employment opportunity and a workplace free from discrimination and harassment
  • All staff are required to observe and uphold all of Woodleigh’s privacy policies and procedures.


 This is a sessional position, commencing Term 1, 2021

To apply

Applications should be addressed to Human Resources and submitted via Seek by 5pm Monday 7 December.

For any queries relating to this position please contact Anthony Bingham – Director or Music or phone 03 5971 6100.


Located on Victoria's Mornington Peninsula, Woodleigh School is an independent, coeducational school comprising two Junior Campuses (ECC-Year 6) in Frankston South and Moorooduc and a Senior Campus in Langwarrin South.

Woodleigh is a community that strongly values a holistic education.  It is a place where students are known and valued, where boys and girls grow into independent, creative, resilient individuals together.

Woodleigh is a school of dynamic, academically rigorous learning, which reflects and responds to the world we live in today.  Whilst very definitely an academic school, with fine VCE results equipping the large majority of students for tertiary study, it also provides a number of other very important dimensions that prepare all students for the challenges of life in the twenty first century.

Woodleigh affirms openness, independence, self-motivation and initiative, and never limits students to predetermined outcomes.  Woodleigh is entirely coeducational, committed to the belief that this is the only suitable setting to educate both boys and girls for adult life.

The Woodleigh Teacher

  • Encourages a culture of mutual respect, inquiry, innovation and learning 
  • Emphasises the Woodleigh model for Personalised Learning in their professional practice (real world, experiential learning; assessment for learning; life-long learning skills; coaching and mentoring; and wellbeing and engagement.)
  • Communicates effectively with students and families about learning activities and student progress
  • Sets high academic achievement expectations 
  • Identifies and supports students' social, emotional, and behavioural learning needs
  • Facilitates, designs and engages with effective collaboration 
  • Provides timely feedback and collaborates with others to offer specialised support
  • Differentiates instruction based on feedback and learning needs

Woodleigh School is an equal opportunity employer. 

Woodleigh School is committed to a Child Safe school environment and has a zero tolerance of child abuse.