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5 August 2021

Dear Woodleigh families,

Lockdown #6

This afternoon's news of a sixth lockdown period is not the lead-in to the weekend any of us were after.

Unfortunately, the lateness of the Premier's call has made it very difficult for us to transition to remote learning immediately. Therefore, tomorrow will be a student-free day, with no classes scheduled or running at Minimbah, Penbank or the Senior Campus. Our ECC's are the exception to this rule and will continue to operate tomorrow as normal. Our support program for the children of essential workers and vulnerable children will start on Monday.

Tomorrow morning, I will convene our learning and teaching teams to confirm the detail for next week's Continuous Learning Plan.

Another symptom of today's snap lockdown is that students may need to collect additional equipment to properly engage with their learning next week. I ask you to please get in touch with Reception at your campus and organise a pick-up time, either tomorrow or Monday.

These repeated lockdowns are incredibly frustrating and disruptive for all of us; however, we will do our best to continue to provide engaging online classes for all Woodleigh students from Monday.

Thank you for your continuing support and patience as we navigate these repeated tests of our resilience and character.

Fingers crossed it's a short one,


15 July 2021

Dear Woodleigh families,

Lockdown #5

Like the rest of the state, we are currently waiting to hear whether Victoria will move into a fifth snap lockdown. As I write this, we are preparing for all Woodleigh students, excepting Early Childhood, to move to remote learning from tomorrow, Friday 16 July.

As we have done since the beginning of the pandemic, we will continue to follow the advice of the Victorian Government. The Premier and Deputy Premier have taken a strong and safe line concerning the operation of schools for the past 16 months, and we will prudently assess this advice as it is released.

We have asked our students to take home any resources they may need for remote learning, and our Junior Campuses have been allocating computers and iPads to students. Our Heads of Campus will communicate further details later this evening; can I ask you to please check your emails later tonight and pass this information on to your children.

With hope for a swift resolution,


28 May 2021

A Second Circuit-Breaker

As we head into our second circuit-breaker lockdown, staff have been working to ensure the transition to remote learning is as smooth as possible. The seven-day lockdown applies to all schools but does not include Early Childhood Centres, which will continue to operate as usual. As such, Woodleigh students from Foundation to Year 12 moved into lockdown from 11.59pm yesterday. Please read this communication carefully as it outlines the remote learning program for next week and how to access information and support during this time.

Student Free Today – CLP From Monday

Today's planned student-free day means our remote learning program will begin on Monday. To support students during this period, we will again be using a consistent set of tools. These include:

  1. SEQTA (Senior Campus) and Seesaw (Junior Campus) as our learning platforms
  2. Woodleigh email for communication
  3. A single video conferencing platform – Zoom

Parents who are new to these platforms or require a refresher on their use are encouraged to view the following videos before contacting the School for assistance:

Woodleigh's Continuous Learning Website will be live from Sunday afternoon. It contains further details about the Continuous Learning Plan (CLP), including timetables and other relevant information. I encourage all parents and students to revisit this site and reacquaint themselves with our CLP Program.

Senior Campus students will start their week at 10am with a brief Homestead Session and pastoral check-in. Classes will then follow their regular timetable, and students will be required to zoom into every lesson from 10.25am. Absence records will be kept, and we ask that students keep their cameras on during class to support positive interactions with their classmates. Changes will occur to the Activities Program, which we are suspending for the week. More detail will follow from Natalie McLennan tomorrow.

Arrangements for Minimbah and Penbank

Our Junior Campuses will begin classes on Monday at 9am with a morning check-in with their teacher. Seesaw will again be utilised as our primary teaching source during the CLP. Vivienne and Rod will provide further details regarding the structure of the day at Minimbah and Penbank in the coming days.

On-Campus Support for Students

Vulnerable students and the children of essential workers will again be able to be supervised at School. OHSC programs at Minimbah and Penbank will continue to operate during the lockdown period. As with previous lockdowns, students in this category must register with their Head of Campus as soon as possible. No buses will run during the lockdown period, and students attending on-campus must organise their own transport and complete a COVID check-in upon arrival.

To register, please email:
Minimbah –
Penbank –
Senior Campus –

Doing Our Part

I'm hopeful that the seven-day lockdown will do the job of managing the current outbreak and look forward to a swift return to school next Friday. We have done this before, and it's what we need to do again to prevent the vast infection rate witnessed last year. Our return to school will necessitate a return to our COVID safe plan – wearing masks for Senior Campus students, maintaining social distancing where possible and sanitising when entering and leaving lessons.

These lockdowns, whilst necessary, can have a huge impact on us. My thoughts are with you all, particularly those for whom remote learning is a challenge. I urge you to try your best, remain involved, and speak to your teachers as much as possible. Our thoughts are with all Woodleigh families during this time, and we look forward to seeing you back on campus soon.

Stay safe, stay connected,


25 May 2021

12 February 2021

30 September 2020

3 August 2020

Dear Woodleigh families,

2 August 2020

​Dear Woodleigh families,

19 July 2020

​Dear Woodleigh families,

12 July 2020

​Dear Woodleigh families,

27 March 2020

Dear Woodleigh Families,

25 March 2020

Dear Woodleigh Families,

​23 March 2020

Dear Woodleigh Families,

17 March 2020

Dear Woodleigh Families,

An Extraordinary School Leadership Team meeting was held this evening in conjunction with the School Board to review our School’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak and to prepare for the introduction of the Continuous Learning Plan in the event of the physical closure of our campuses to students. The purpose of this letter is to provide a summary of the key decisions of that meeting and to provide further detail on the Continuous Learning Plan following our letter to families yesterday.

16 March 2020

Dear Woodleigh Families,

This message is the first in a series of communications for families that will describe our commitment to providing an alternative means of education in the form of the Woodleigh School Continuous Learning Plan.

14 March 2020

​Dear Woodleigh families,

I wanted to give an update to all families, with additional guidance on COVID-19 following further information over the last few days. I am grateful for your patience as we navigate this evolving and complex situation.

10 March 2020

Dear Woodleigh community,

Earlier this term I wrote to all families with guidance on the Coronavirus, now known as COVID-19.

Woodleigh School Continuous Learning Site

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Visit the Woodleigh Continuous Learning Website

COVID Safe Plan

Woodleigh School’s COVID Safe Plan sets out the actions we are taking to protect our staff, students, visitors and wider campus communities, and our response to a suspected or confirmed case of coronavirus (COVID-19) at our school.

This plan demonstrates how we will meet all of the requirements set out by the Victorian Government, including:

  • All adults and students over 12 are required to wear masks as per the current regulations
  • Using our spaces to meet physical distancing guidelines
  • Use of ventilation is encouraged

We have visual reminders about:

  • Physical distancing 
  • Hand hygiene
  • Staying home if unwell
  • Wearing masks
    • Hand sanitiser, soap and paper towels are provided to support hand hygiene
    • Environmental cleaning has been increased and sharing of equipment reviewed in accordance with guidelines
    • Where possible, Woodleigh School’s permitted workers do not work across multiple sites.

No staff, student or member of our community attends our campuses if they’re feeling unwell and/or displaying symptoms associated with COVID-19.

    • Staff, students and other community members are directed to get tested for COVID-19 if they’re feeling unwell, and do not re-enter the Woodleigh School or wider community until they have recovered and received a negative test result.
    • Reporting of any positive COVID-19 cases within our community to the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and our community members.
    • Risk assessments are undertaken for cleaning and the potential closure of specific sites, if the need arises.

For a copy of Woodleigh School’s Covid Safe Plan, please email