Woodleigh Community Business Directory – Coming Soon!

Soon, Woodleigh School community members (parents, past parents, past students and students) will be able to support and promote one another's businesses and enterprises by searching our online Business Directory.

Designed to help 'Close the Loop' for our community, the Woodleigh Community Business Directory aims to build a hub for our community, to increase their sense of belonging and reach out to Alumni and current families with a partnership opportunity of substance and value.

This searchable directory will feature on both the Woodleigh website and phone app, and all members of the Woodleigh community are invited to join and add their business for a small monthly fee.


Whilst the fees structure is still in development, we are able to announce that all fee revenue will be used to fund the Woodleigh School Community Scholarships, which exist to fully fund the education of students who would otherwise not be able to afford to attend Woodleigh School.

More information will be available soon!