Alumni Arts Videos

Over the years, Woodleigh assemblies have produced some very memorable moments. Each era will undoubtedly have its favourites, and at the end of Term 2 2023, our Arts Assembly produced a couple of absolute gems!

Live music, coupled with live portrait painting, student films and test pieces and a series of inspirational videos from past students, showcased the breadth and depth of our past students' professional journeys.

Thank you to Actor – Ella Cannon (2008), Jazz Harpist – Tara Minton (2003), Landscape Architect – Brett Robinson (1999), Musician – Maddy Kelly (2009), Glassblower – Leisa Wharington (1977), Arts Industry veteran and Producer of Get Krack!n Tamasin Simpkin (2003) and Furniture Refinisher – Tamara Gidney (2002), for taking the time to pass on your experience and wisdom to our current crop of budding arts professionals!

Ella Cannon (2008)

Tara Minton (2003)

Brett Robinson (1999)

Maddy Kelly (2009)

Leisa Wharington (1977)

Tamsin Simpkin (2003)

Tamara Slocombe (nee Gidney – 2002)